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What is a Juliette?

Juliettes are independent Girl Scouts.

Today's girls are very busy! Many are involved in many extracurricular activities. They are taking dance and music lessons, learning gymnastics, participating in cheerleading, acting in plays, on all sorts of sports teams, active in DI, 4H, Future Farmers of America, school government, and take Karate lessons. They also have religious education at their church, temple, or mosque.

Although Girl Scouts often meet less often than other activities, some girls simply do not have the time to fit anything else into their busy schedules - or at least not on a regular basis.

That's why Girl Scouts have six pathways a girl can be a Girl Scout. Through pathways, girls can still benefit from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, but will have the flexibility to participate as much or as little as her schedule allows. Girls that are not active in a regularly-meeting troop are called Juliettes. They can earn badges and journeys. Juliettes in Wrentham/Plainville are called Troop 5002.

                                                          Girl Scout Pathways

Making sure everyone can participate in Girl Scouting the way they want to!

Girls can choose any one, some, or all six pathways. The flexibility of the pathways framework allows adults to participate in Girl Scouting based on their lifestyle and availability. Adults may prefer to partner directly with the girls throughout the school year in a t
roop setting, or commit to an opportunity for only a few days, weeks ,or months.

Troop: Same girls, all sessions; typically spans the length of the school year, meeting 1-4 times per month.
Camp:     Day or Resident Camp
Events:   Different girls, each event  - some local, some within council
Special Interest:    Same girls, all sessions relating to a specific theme or purpose. Usually meet 3-6 times. Some local, some within council.
Travel:    Same girls, meet to prepare for a regional, national or international trip.
Virtual:    High-quality, interactive program; safe, secure, online environment.

What Pathways does Wrentham/Plainville Service Unit offer?

Troops: 16 active troops in grades K-12 
Events: Fall campfire Sing-along, Scavenger Hunts, Multiple Service Projects, Singing at the Christmas Tree Lighting, Thinking Day Fair, Teddy Bear and Juliette Low Tea Parties for Daisies, Mystery Events, Special workshops, Memorial Day Parade, placing flags on veterans' graves, flag retirement, Service Unit Camping Trip (S.P.A.R.K.)and more!
Special Interest:  Leadership opportunities for Cadettes, Seniors; Operation Snowflake for girls in grades 7-12.